Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kebab Masti - Bannerghatta Road

Kebab Masti at Bannerghatta Road is a fun place for Grilled Chicken and Malabar Parotta. I felt liek being in Karama, Dubai.

For 4, it costed us just 300 Rs. Not bad for a reasonable dinner.

But the problem was lights and insects. They have to do something about it.

How to reach Kebab Masti?

After Arakere Gate on BG Road, continue and cross Hulimavu Gate and immediately you can see on the right, right in front of a tall 14 storied Apt Complex.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spar, Bannerghatta Road - A lousy place to shop!

With too much of advt. and no service quality and charging of parking cost, upto the minute Spar, Bangalore (on Bannerghatta Road) draws a blank, and gets a zero. Lousy place. Dont ever go near it.

Absolutely no offers etc.

They have only peas on sale! What an Independence Day!

I went there to buy one Laptop for a cheaper cost, and my foot, they didn't have anything as advertised. Bastards. Mistreating customers.

That is a dangerous place, flouting the fire safety regards, with bribes. Also closer to a mosque area, and no protection. They are also selling cooked food near the toilets. Workers are handing food without gloves.

You are on your own!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


We recently went to Tamarind, Koramangala for a Sunday Brunch.

At 160 Rs per head plus 12.5% VAT totaling Rs 180 for adults, and Rs 100 all inc for kids under 12, seems to be a reasonable price for a meal.

They have 4 veg dishes. 2 non veg. 2 Rice varieties.

They even give made to order eggs. That is their stamp.

Everyone gets a drink, punch.

Good Crowd. Typical IT gang. Since the food is Hot as in Khara and they serve liquor, southies and Telugu biddas love the place.

They have valet parking. Right across.

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