Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Abhiruchi, Banashankari

Abhiruchi, Banashankari is a decent Andhra restaurant!

Yesterday for Diwali, we went there, by chance, not by choice.

Kids wanted food on Banana Leaf and Nandini, J.P.Nagar (lucky!) was so crowded that, we drove as per the advice of one person, there. Nandini should have more seats.

Abhiruchi, gives a decent banana leaf meal, nov veg one (full meals, roti & chicken curry) for Rs 65/-. You cannot beat it anywhere in Bangalore!

Kids wanted the usual fried chicken and biriyani. Tasty and sumptuos. Try it.

Car can be parked in front, not much of crowd I suppose.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dal Fryday

Dal Fryday at Arakere is an obscenely pricy place.

I dont know why they charge so much.

I have been there only once.

Not worth visiting.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Adigas, Arakere, Bangalore

Decent place! Just after Apollo and IIMB.

There is a self service hall downstairs, cheap and best! When I moved to Bangalore last year (18 months ago) I used to eat everyday .... there... idly vada, upma... till family came and joined me.

The hall is good.

I take my visitors there.

North Indian Deluxe meal is the best. My kids share a plate, they love the butter naan so much.

At times we get the Gobi Manchurian!

Overall a decent place, if you like vegetarian!

(Parking is there nearby, a small lot and on the roadside)

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