Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nammoora Hotel, Jaya Nagar

Nammoora Hotel, Jaya Nagar is a decent pay for the weight Take Out hotel (Take Away). It is pure vegetarian, and if you have lots of relatives, then it is the right place to go to.

Easy to find, after Woodys, take the second left and the third right.

You better carry boxes and plastic covers to pack.

Nett weight value of food is good. Minimum value sold is 250 grams, and 100 grams for chutney only.

Best item is Bisi Bele Bath for Rs 84/- a Kilo.

We also bought Vangi bath, Veg Pulav, Kala Kurma, Maddur Vada, Ghee Chappathi and Pista Burfi.

Costed us only Rs 192/- and still half of Pulav and Vangi Bath along with Sweets are left.

Hearty Lunch.

One actors family came to pick up food. They bought 4 items of 250 grams each. just Rs 100/-.

He is an MP, lives nearby, whose whife was an actor too...

Dont they know the value of money?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Something Fishy Langford Road

There is a pricy restaurant called Something Fishy on Langford Road, just after Sun Microsystems office, at Divyashree Chambers (Shanthi Nagar Hockey Stadium).

TOI foodie Pallavi recommended us today. I could see lots of first timers. The catch line was cost effective in this downturn.


For a family of 4, it costed us about Rs 1000/- for a hearty meal. Fish, Fish and some fish. To go with it Fish Biriyani and Malabar Parotta. It was as good or slightly expensive than Barbeque Nation, who has 3 Locations all around Bangalore.... It was like eating at Taj Residency... costing the same... Non Veg Thali for 2 adults, and a shared meal for kids...

Well Pallavi had a hearty meal (free of course) and ensured lots of people visited there.... Great Marketing!

It was like home food. No stomach troubles....

Still kids felt hungry, asked for Icecream, after a stop near Lalbagh where we met two blogger families, who came from Chennai.

I pity the newly married couple who visited there, and returned after a hectic search to find that place, knowing that Thali was not served on weekends.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Leave in Bangalore Nov 28th, 2008

Leave in Bangalore. Today. Nov 28th, 2008.

Janata Parivar is giving " respect" to VP Singh ex PM 89 - 91.

They were all one family.

Bofors pointers. Rajiv Gandhi's Ouster!

Good for Kids in Rain.

Long weekend.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Abhiruchi, Banashankari

Abhiruchi, Banashankari is a decent Andhra restaurant!

Yesterday for Diwali, we went there, by chance, not by choice.

Kids wanted food on Banana Leaf and Nandini, J.P.Nagar (lucky!) was so crowded that, we drove as per the advice of one person, there. Nandini should have more seats.

Abhiruchi, gives a decent banana leaf meal, nov veg one (full meals, roti & chicken curry) for Rs 65/-. You cannot beat it anywhere in Bangalore!

Kids wanted the usual fried chicken and biriyani. Tasty and sumptuos. Try it.

Car can be parked in front, not much of crowd I suppose.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dal Fryday

Dal Fryday at Arakere is an obscenely pricy place.

I dont know why they charge so much.

I have been there only once.

Not worth visiting.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Adigas, Arakere, Bangalore

Decent place! Just after Apollo and IIMB.

There is a self service hall downstairs, cheap and best! When I moved to Bangalore last year (18 months ago) I used to eat everyday .... there... idly vada, upma... till family came and joined me.

The hall is good.

I take my visitors there.

North Indian Deluxe meal is the best. My kids share a plate, they love the butter naan so much.

At times we get the Gobi Manchurian!

Overall a decent place, if you like vegetarian!

(Parking is there nearby, a small lot and on the roadside)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The President, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

The President, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore is a decent hotel, with a decent spread. It is closer to the shopping complex and Jewellery (I picked up 2 Golden Ear-rings from Bhima's - for wife and daughter, as a surprise). Beware parking is a headache. I parked in front of a house. God knows, what all he cursed me! You can indulge in clothe shopping. I have also seen a shoe showroom, selling Rs 400/- Bata slipper at a premium of Rs 165/-, saying Petrol, rent is high etc.

Today myself and my biz partner went there for the lunch. A place to sit, talk and eat. say many Honeywell badge tickets there. Decent crowd.

Rs 225 plus taxes. About Rs 600/- for 2 with a Soda....

I have been there many time, probably this would the sixth time. I used to take visitors from USA in the previous co. They definitely have Mutton, Sea Food and decent biryani, with a good spread of vegetarian. Salad was not good. Yucky!

Today's desert sucked. Only ice-cream was not spoilt. (Who would eat bread halva, smelly barpi's and rotten mousse?)

My rating 2 *'s out of 5.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grand Taj, Shivaji Nagar

Grand Taj is a very good Non Veg restaurant. It is on Lady Curzon Road, Shivaji Nagar. Very close to access from M.G.Road, at a walkign distance. After eating you can go to shopping in Commercial Street (A La, the Ranganathan Street of Chennai)

I am used to this from 1980's, when my uncle had taken us there (Late Mr Krishnaraj R.I.P) when he was running Silk Saree biz in Bangalore. They used to live in Osalli Road, Padarayanpura.

Since I settled in Bangalore from 1999, it is a very regular joint.

Their Tandoori Chicken is very good, well done! Ghee Rice is the next best item.

They also serve good Naan and Parotta's. Their Chicken Tikka Masala, is very good. Also the next best item is Chicken Hyderabadi (sweet - typical Mughlai). I always end up hogging one Mutton Biriyani and half Tandoori Chicken easily and finish off with a Masala Chai.

AC room is 10% costly.

The cost has increased to double since 1999. 9% average inflation. (recently they have hiked 20% on all items)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good Samosas in Jaya Nagar 3rd Block

Since Ramzan has started, you can find the best quality Ramzan Special Iftar Samosa, crispy with onions and vegetables at Jaya Nagar 3rd Block, in the road that connect Sagar Appollo to Jaya Nagar 4th Block Shopping Complex.

Last year they sold each piece at Rs 2.50 today afternoon it was Rs 3.50. 40% extra, inflation is really running high. My Muslim friends would break the fast with a cup of Tea and Samosa costing them Rs 5/-. But today it would be Rs 6.5/- 30% increase due to inflation.

Also ate lunch at Navami, Andhra restaurant (with family as Kids were off for Gowri Festival), it is a veg and non veg place, but we ate veg meals, Gobi Manchurian and Butter Naan for kids. Very tasty though! With the new 12.5% taxes for AC hotels, works out expensive. (I paid the cost of what we used to pay for whole family buffet at Residency on GN Chetty Road, Chennai).

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kebab Masti - Bannerghatta Road

Kebab Masti at Bannerghatta Road is a fun place for Grilled Chicken and Malabar Parotta. I felt liek being in Karama, Dubai.

For 4, it costed us just 300 Rs. Not bad for a reasonable dinner.

But the problem was lights and insects. They have to do something about it.

How to reach Kebab Masti?

After Arakere Gate on BG Road, continue and cross Hulimavu Gate and immediately you can see on the right, right in front of a tall 14 storied Apt Complex.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spar, Bannerghatta Road - A lousy place to shop!

With too much of advt. and no service quality and charging of parking cost, upto the minute Spar, Bangalore (on Bannerghatta Road) draws a blank, and gets a zero. Lousy place. Dont ever go near it.

Absolutely no offers etc.

They have only peas on sale! What an Independence Day!

I went there to buy one Laptop for a cheaper cost, and my foot, they didn't have anything as advertised. Bastards. Mistreating customers.

That is a dangerous place, flouting the fire safety regards, with bribes. Also closer to a mosque area, and no protection. They are also selling cooked food near the toilets. Workers are handing food without gloves.

You are on your own!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


We recently went to Tamarind, Koramangala for a Sunday Brunch.

At 160 Rs per head plus 12.5% VAT totaling Rs 180 for adults, and Rs 100 all inc for kids under 12, seems to be a reasonable price for a meal.

They have 4 veg dishes. 2 non veg. 2 Rice varieties.

They even give made to order eggs. That is their stamp.

Everyone gets a drink, punch.

Good Crowd. Typical IT gang. Since the food is Hot as in Khara and they serve liquor, southies and Telugu biddas love the place.

They have valet parking. Right across.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Panic, Bangalore in 1993 Mumbai now

During 1993 there were 15 blasts killing 250+ people. Sorry state. Sanjay Dutt connection then?

Now today in BLR. 8 blast. 3 dead. 15 injured. Sorry for the people dead.

What is the government going to do? Conspiracy theories of Article 356.

Already enough rumours are going around that govt. is trying hard to get out of Diesel and Power crisis and they wanted something for the news channel. Politicians.

I was supposed to go to pick up a laptop uptown. Now the police checkup all around.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Power Cuts and Apartments

Bangalore life is sick nowadays with unannounced power cuts.

The power cost is obscene at 4.2 rs / unit.

We have backup power at home 6-8, 12-1 & 6-10. I am told genset is always on then! Rs 4.20/unit to govt. It works out to Rs 7/units, with the minimum other charges. They buy at 5.8/unit.

So for the apartment, it works out to 7 rs/unit, after the diesel price hike.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nice Drive from Hosur to Bangalore

I have been taking my wife to Hosur MGR College since 3 weeks, over the weekend, for her MBA exams.

Road is super for the 42 kms, except for Chandapura and Attibelle (Athipalli) circle entrance and not to forget the junctions of Bommanahalli and Electronics City.

NRN has to do something to speedup the flyovers.

The return travel around 2.30 is a mess at Sparsh, RTO etc. Too much of work is going on. No lane dividers are there and for guys like me used to US roads, it is a mess. These slow moving trucks kill you!

For the same distance and 15 more minutes, you can avoid the messy traffic into South Bangalore and reach Bannerghatta Road, JP Nagar areas by taking a left on the Attibelle Circle and continue straight (dont take left or right) till you reach Anekal (you can visit your farmland, like I do on the way!) and take a right, to reach Bannerghatta via Jigani.

Smooth as Hemamalini cheeks, like Lalu said.

The Saturday morning drive takes 1 hour and 10 minutes in the normal NH7 route, while on Sunday it reduces by 10 minutes and I dont exceed 65 - 70 kmph as my car is new.

The return drive on NH7 is cool too! About 1 hour to reach Mysore Road junction at Silk Board. Then the fun starts of crawling.... on Saturday and while Sunday is cool.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bangalore Weather July 14th, 2008

Heavy rains with gutsy winds & black Thunderstorm in Bangalore welcoming Adi month! Saw signboards flying - outside! Like Twister movie!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Petrol Crisis in Bangalore!

After Tamilnadu had Petrol crisis (includes Diesel) due to teh truckers strike, now it the time for Bangalore spilt across border.

I have seen the bunk owners forcing people to buy premium products at 10% extra cost.

Long live the pricing formula!

Monday, June 16, 2008

8.30 to 3.10 new school timing

For all schools in Bangalore (Bengaluru) the new school time is 8.30 to 3.10

Wondering about the first timers carrying lunch. Still my wife feeds my son at home.

His first day at school with lunch all by himself.

(Washing is done with assistance!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MTR near Lalbagh is getting lousy

Recently went to MTR with family. First of all there is no parking. Where should you park the car? The management should have a valet parking service for a cost!
I parked it on JC Road lot, walked by the back gate, rached Urvasi and turned right to MTR - about 15 minutes for a lousy service at MTR.
First of all, they charged half (more?) for my kids, who didnt eat anything other than 2 pooris.
The waiters are smelly and unkempt. Luckily the food tasted good, but my wife cribbed, "again!". SHe them to the core, tastes worst than the home food. We go to hotels to have different tasty food isnt it? (of course forget the quantitiy you binge on outside, than home).

It was 3 PM, and we were in the last pandhi and got out and found that we have to exit by the back door, through the smelly kitchen. Wogh! No more visits to MTR after seeing rats and cockroaches running around there, if still you want the food of Mangalore - Mavalli.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My life In Bangalore!

Garden City Bangalore AKA Bengalooru/Bengaluru...

Elloriya Namaskaragalu!

I visited Bangalore during my childhood days of 1970's when my grandma was here. Osalli Road. Padarayanpura, closer to Vijaya Nagar. (She had bought a ground of land for Rs 40,000 then, with silk maggas & house) and during 1990 she sold it for Rs 4 Lakhs. Today I am told the price is about Rs 40 Lakhs. Too much! 10 times in 18 year! Thanks to IT Boom!

Real estate prices are very silly in Bangalore.

Just go across to Hosur side, Thalli Side, Denkani Kottai side, you get at half the price. In fact Thalli is having an operational airbase. Cargo airport is due to come there.

I frequented visitign Bangalore bcoz of its Garens and and nice cool life.

When I got my job in 1990, I wished to be posted here, but got Secunderabad. But frequented regularly.

After I returned back from USA in 1999, I wanted to settle in Bangalore. Hmm.. did not happen as I wished. Movements in 2001 and 2003. For good or bad. Now back in Bengaluru!

I will write more...

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