Thursday, December 31, 2009

Empire Hotel, Church Street

My wife and kids thought it would be a nice idea after a movie to go to a buffet that keeps getting published on the enet cable channel at Rs 119 per plate and at half cost for kids. They took Rs 360 initially!

First of all, with due respect the quality expected was far below!

They are giving a Coke to force your to feel hot ( khara ) not gobble many plates! Also they dont allow you to use a fresh plate. It has to be the same plate and they dont even clean the table till you get up. Water is charged at Rs 17 per litre!

Along with the plate they serve, 2 pieces of Chicken Kebabs. ( Complimentary? )

The starter was Appalam and one Chicken fried item, with lots of spice. My kids were tearing eating them... Initially they had Chicken Kebabs, then it changed to Chilly Chicken, and we were about to leave, they were filling in Chicken 65. All looked same!

The items are Ghee rice, Plain rice and Hyderabadi Biriyani. ( shame on the chef! )

Unbreakable Chappathis. At time they serve Naan or rotis, I am told.

Three Chicken dishes with little or no chicken - Butter Chicken, Chicken Masala and Chicken Hyderabadi ( later they changed the name plate to Chicken Kuruma ).

The desert free of cost is Kheer. But you can pay Rs 25 to get Gulab Jamoon with icecream. They also service Arabian Grape Jice at buy one get one free offer @ Rs 20, which was totally lousy!

Nothing notable for veggies, except for Sambar, Rasam and some koottu.

So vegetarians stay away, and Non vegetarians, if you are famished for a lousy meal, go there!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Flavours, Vijaya Bank Layout

Flavours, Vijaya Bank Layout, Bilekahalli is a new multi-cuisine hotel.

Not much crowded, but lots of phone in orders and take outs!

Interiors are done well. Decent. Unlike the earlier place I went to!

We went yesterday night, based on kids idea to eat Biriyani and Butter Naan with Chicken Masala.

They serve a wonderful Hyderabad Biriyani for Rs 110/- along with a 350 ml Free Coke bottle ( now the offer runs ). Looks like they brought in a Hyderabadi chef!

Chicken Masala costs Rs 75/- and the Chicken Lolypop @ Rs 90 are good items you shouldnt miss. Their Butter naans are so softy. @ Rs 22 each, it is a wonderful delight, we had to re order one more each, that made the chef to dole us a free Butter Roti each! Not bad!

Since my wife has turned Vegetarian, she had Veg noodles @ Rs 70 and it did taste good.

In the typical recession style we avoided the desert. Rs 500 as a dinner charge is not bad at all!

Service is good, though the waiters are slow and probably new.

There is no bother about parking. There is @ Fresh in the Ground floor, so you can also finish your last minute shopping!


From Jayadeva, continue straight on BG Road, and after Purva Heights, turn left at Kalyani , TVS motors signal. Continue straight, till you hit Vijaya Bank Layout. It is next to the East Block.

You can find Vijaya Bank Layout of Google Maps.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ramanna Military Hotel

Ramanna Military Hotel situated in Basavangudi, very close to Jayanagar 4th block, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore was recommended one of the Twitter pals Paval.

Over the weekend, we went to try! I had invited the family of Ramesh as well. Parking is a problem... We parked in a gully nearby, only to find many bumper hits on the return.

Warning - the looks are deceptive of the hotel. They need a thorough painting... Pricing is excellent at about 25% of a typical five star hotel! 50% of hotels at Church Street!

Since 2 families were there, the inside room, was blocked for us for 1 hour, with the rush. They kids did not complain.

We order sumptuously! Chicken Fry, Mutton Fry @ around Rs 60/- per plate, Biriyani at about Rs 80/-, (dry) Parotta @ Rs 11/- each.... They also service a small plate of rice @ Rs 8/- and Ragi Mudhe @ Rs 7/-. I am told they service Botti curry ( lungs and intestine of Goat ) in the mornings along with Idly, Dosa...

One think we liked was, they were providing unlimited gravy! In the end - there is no desert - they give each a glass of Rasam. I told them to serve a desert...

The waiters are from Mangalore, also talk Tamil.... expected a nice tip. We gave 10% of the bill, and probably the guy must have felt so shocking.

We left having a beeda each in front of the hotel....


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