Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nammoora Hotel, Jaya Nagar

Nammoora Hotel, Jaya Nagar is a decent pay for the weight Take Out hotel (Take Away). It is pure vegetarian, and if you have lots of relatives, then it is the right place to go to.

Easy to find, after Woodys, take the second left and the third right.

You better carry boxes and plastic covers to pack.

Nett weight value of food is good. Minimum value sold is 250 grams, and 100 grams for chutney only.

Best item is Bisi Bele Bath for Rs 84/- a Kilo.

We also bought Vangi bath, Veg Pulav, Kala Kurma, Maddur Vada, Ghee Chappathi and Pista Burfi.

Costed us only Rs 192/- and still half of Pulav and Vangi Bath along with Sweets are left.

Hearty Lunch.

One actors family came to pick up food. They bought 4 items of 250 grams each. just Rs 100/-.

He is an MP, lives nearby, whose whife was an actor too...

Dont they know the value of money?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Something Fishy Langford Road

There is a pricy restaurant called Something Fishy on Langford Road, just after Sun Microsystems office, at Divyashree Chambers (Shanthi Nagar Hockey Stadium).

TOI foodie Pallavi recommended us today. I could see lots of first timers. The catch line was cost effective in this downturn.


For a family of 4, it costed us about Rs 1000/- for a hearty meal. Fish, Fish and some fish. To go with it Fish Biriyani and Malabar Parotta. It was as good or slightly expensive than Barbeque Nation, who has 3 Locations all around Bangalore.... It was like eating at Taj Residency... costing the same... Non Veg Thali for 2 adults, and a shared meal for kids...

Well Pallavi had a hearty meal (free of course) and ensured lots of people visited there.... Great Marketing!

It was like home food. No stomach troubles....

Still kids felt hungry, asked for Icecream, after a stop near Lalbagh where we met two blogger families, who came from Chennai.

I pity the newly married couple who visited there, and returned after a hectic search to find that place, knowing that Thali was not served on weekends.

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