Friday, April 16, 2010

Bhagini Palace, Belandur Road

Today I went to Bhagini Palace, Belandur Road to have lunch with a friends family.

That was the closest spot available, as it was near Sarjapur Road and Outer Ring Road.

We decided to meet at 1 PM at the hotel... as usual , both were delayed and finally we settled in at 1.45 PM ... after struggling in front of the hotel to get parking, with so much of traffic and construction. People are taking U Turn in no U Turn area.

My friends kids (twins) were born there in USA, and being Andhra folks, didnt have problems in handling food on banana leaves. But the problem was... they were eating in both hands. :-)

Kids wanted Ketchup for the fried items, which was never given. Hotel management note this.

We ordered Spl Biryani, also got some rice. Chicken Masala, Chicken 65 and Chicken Lolly Pop... Butter Naan... what does any kid eat nowadays. We finished with a cool lassi and kids had icecream. I searched for a beeda outside in vain. Unusual for the hotel.

Better than home food, but some much of khara. Green Chillies in everything.

Service was very ordinary. By the time the free raitha and bengan kulambu arrived, we had completed the biriyani. The waiter was scolding us in Malayalam.... probably he thought we didnt know the language. Sad scene in Bangalore. I didnt want to fight.

One guy brought ghee to pour on plain rice, for whatever reason!

Price is on the very high side compared to Nandhini. Very average rating.

As usual, based on service we all agreed not to tip. For a bill of Rs 1354, I could have given at least 46, but decided on a single note. So was the service.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rajdhani @ Forum Value Mall

Last weekend, my kids were keen on going around to some temple.

So we hit the road to go to Chikka Tirupati. Nice route, via Silkboard - Sarjapur - and 12 kms away, about 38 kms from home. Had a darshan and got laddu prasadham.

On the return we didnt want to stop for lunch at any small place / dhaba...

So we decided to eat at Forum Value Mall itself.

There is Rajdhani - providing a decent buffet at Rs 225/per head - for kids it is Rs 112 each. Nice food with lots of sweets. You will not feel hungry at all. They would charge Rs 30 per glass of lassi. But they give the mineral water ( Aquafina ) free. Lots of vegetables and curries are served. Rice with sambar and mixed curd rice made our day!

You better go with good appetite. :-)

Kids just managed some rotis and some rasmalais. Thats it. They Wanted Ice-cream.

The waiters signal each other, with some hand signals - to bring the items, to replenish.

Kids later had Icecream and Italian shop, costing Rs 68 per cone. Rip off.

So went one weekend.... shopping kids clothes at a value price.

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