Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ruh, Belandur

This Ruh restaurant @ Belandur is a concept hotel with Middle eastern setup. Near the upcoming Bangalore Central Mall. Congestion is the keyword for parking and dont fall for valet parking. Park at your own risk.

They have the Arabic / Mediterranean look I would say. Not sure about Belly Dancing!

This place was suggested by the folks where I did a project, being the last day.... of delivery!

For a plate of Rs 400 per head, they bring in unlimited starters for you... Also they serve a wonderful Biriyani... too good. They also provide naans.  Drinks are charged extra.

Worth the money if you are a non vegetarians. Fancy place and I could see lots of foreigners come in.

Note - too many offices in that area with IT industry. So they can afford to run the place easy!

Still I dont get why they start serving people with Bitter Gourd starter in the first? Silly!

Chinais , Belandur / Devarabeesanahalli

Decent  but costly, value for money hotel would be Chinais , Devarabeesanahalli  / Belandur

I started a project work today at Belandur and this would be for a period of 6 months, that I would have to travel from home. Decided to look for some decent joints nearby and found this place.

The Biriyaanis and the meal were good. I took and meal and order another Biriyani to share... :-)

Wonderful taste.

But the curries in the Thali were of same Masala and gave a not so happy taste.

Recommended for Office lunch goers who can afford.

Mayuri Andhra Mess, Arakere

On 1st main Road, Arakere there is Mayuri Andhra Mess.

Small place, above a galvanizing and opticians shops.

About 15 can sit and have food. There is cleanliness in that place.

This was intro'd by a friend Venky by chance....

The Rs 28 meals are fixed, and you can get extra rice for Rs 20. The chicken gravy (half plate  Rs 30/- ) is divine. Their Omlette is super for Rs 8/- Excellent food! Overall for Rs 300/- my family had a decent meal!

For the laid back - ordinary but tasty food this place is recommended.


Last Friday I had been with family to Khansama.... located at UB City, Bangalore

Though they had advertised in their site / various other email / sms promos for 275 + taxes they charged Rs 325 per head... working close to 400 rs per head. 10% service charge apart from VAT 14% and service tax....

Ambience was decent. Well the waiter didnt have much to do, as it was a buffet. They brought 6 mini butter rotis just before we finished the lunch ( says 40 mins.)  for a group of  5. Pathetic!

The display of items were good compared to the taste.

Food was very average. Mom didnt like it at all. She referred to Anjappar and the quality taste

Kids liked the deserts.


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