Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ruh, Belandur

This Ruh restaurant @ Belandur is a concept hotel with Middle eastern setup. Near the upcoming Bangalore Central Mall. Congestion is the keyword for parking and dont fall for valet parking. Park at your own risk.

They have the Arabic / Mediterranean look I would say. Not sure about Belly Dancing!

This place was suggested by the folks where I did a project, being the last day.... of delivery!

For a plate of Rs 400 per head, they bring in unlimited starters for you... Also they serve a wonderful Biriyani... too good. They also provide naans.  Drinks are charged extra.

Worth the money if you are a non vegetarians. Fancy place and I could see lots of foreigners come in.

Note - too many offices in that area with IT industry. So they can afford to run the place easy!

Still I dont get why they start serving people with Bitter Gourd starter in the first? Silly!

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