Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mayuri Andhra Mess, Arakere

On 1st main Road, Arakere there is Mayuri Andhra Mess.

Small place, above a galvanizing and opticians shops.

About 15 can sit and have food. There is cleanliness in that place.

This was intro'd by a friend Venky by chance....

The Rs 28 meals are fixed, and you can get extra rice for Rs 20. The chicken gravy (half plate  Rs 30/- ) is divine. Their Omlette is super for Rs 8/- Excellent food! Overall for Rs 300/- my family had a decent meal!

For the laid back - ordinary but tasty food this place is recommended.

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கொங்கு நாடோடி said...

அடுத்த முறை மாமனார் ஊருக்கு(பெங்களுரு) வரும் போது, நன் சாப்பிட போகும் இடங்களை தேர்வு செய்துவிட்டேன். நன்றி.

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